Kari Agee of
Jostens Yearbooks

c/o Jostens
29625 Road 84
Visalia, CA 93291-9530

Phone: 562-688-8529

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A little bit about Kari.

My first experience with Yearbook was not that great (many first year advisers might say the same thing!) but mine was in High School back in Minnesota where I was helping to count out the senior ballots, only to find out that my boyfriend was voted "Biggest Flirt".  Not so exciting, right?  Well now I can truly say that I LOVE being in the yearbook world.  I love the friendships that I've made with advisers, principals, and bookkeepers, and I like to say that my interactions with the students everyday helps to keep me young.  They teach me just as much as I teach them!  I enjoy the ever changing world of yearbook and embrace the challenges that come up throughout the year by always being there for my advisers to help problem solve.

When I'm not behind the computer curtain working on yearbook avenue, you can usually find me doing something active outside whether it is hiking, running, golfing or just listening to music and soaking up the sun!  Traveling is my biggest passion but cooking is quickly becoming a close second.

One of Kari's plant consultants in Visalia is Aurora Hubbard

You can reach Aurora by phone at 800-332-9725 ext. 75358 or by e-mail by clicking here.


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